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Website Hosting

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Website hosting services

The web hosting solutions provided by UNIweb are flexible and reasonable and designed to meet your business’s demands. We will handle all your needs for hosting operations as your hosting provider. Our website hosting services can help with anything from server software upgrades to server administration, email hosting, and hosting support.

UNIweb’s website hosting offers expertise and security while providing you with the peace of mind that your website is being maintained by professionals, regardless of whether your company operates an e-commerce store or a small business website. We can guarantee the functionality and safety of your business website as well as the security of your data by routinely monitoring our systems and software.

Our hosting features

99% Uptime

Technical Support

Regular Updates

Shared & Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Domain Email Accounts

Basic SEO

Security certificate (SSL/TLS)

Visitors to your business website need to know that security is something you take seriously. Without an SSL/TLS security certificate for your business website, malicious parties may be able to intercept the information you and your customers are sending to or receiving from your website. Moreover, if a website does not have a valid security certificate, many web browsers will mark it as “not secure.” This is the reason why using security certifications for websites has become standard in current times. With encrypted data transfer, web browsers marking you as “secure,” and higher customer trust, UNIweb’s security certificate for your business website can protect your customers, your search ranking, and your business reputation.

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