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What our clients are saying

Kavi Singh

I came to connect with UNIweb in 2009. Very professional and know what they are doing. They designed my business websites and also designed websites for my family and friends. They are the best in the business. I strongly recommend their services. They are the best web designers.


Inn South

Working with UNIweb was a great experience. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, our website looks great and functions really well. That’s why I recommend anyone looking for a custom website give them a call and speak to them. They will guide you in the right direction. If you want a reliable web design company, I recommend them 100%.

Dawa Tamang

Working with UNIweb was easy. They have a great team of developers and designers who can bring your ideas into a professional design. My restaurant website is beautifully done, and I am happy. They know what they are doing. You can’t beat their price. Changes and updates are done on a regular basis without any extra fee. Great work, guys. Keep it up.

Yellowstone River

Inn & Suites
Livingston, MT

Great experience. Very polite and helpful. Smart and very knowledgeable, and hard-working. Highly recommended.

Town Car Bay Area

A big thanks to UNIweb for the last 10 years working with us. We still have a continued business with them as they have always been very swift, informative and diligent with fixing our websites when needed and have been very responsive in our communications. Thank you, Rex and UNIweb team.
We look forward to growing with you in the future to see what is there to come and have recommended you to others for a job well done.

Mamdouh Faidi

Great people. They worked patiently with me during my website project. Very reasonable pricing and frequent modifications are done without extra cost.

Bittu Desai

Very good.

Kit Soetaert


Mediterranean Food

Uniweb is a perfect solution to create a nice friendly website.


I have been working with Uniweb since 2008 and found them professional and efficient. My association for over a decade has been a fulfilling experience. They have been taking care of my business websites and SEO marketing. My sites are on top of search results, and the websites are up-to-date and responsive. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

Weeja Payenda

UNIweb has been servicing my website, design and SEO for over 10 years. Their team has always been helpful in resolving any website issues and updates we face in a quick manner and keept me in the loop regarding anything that may take more time. I appreciate their hard work, communication, diligence, and, most importantly, their urgency for my website. Thank you UNIweb, for your partnership.

Sanjay Patel

We have been with Uniweb since 2008. They have done excellent work for all my businesses. Thank you for your service.

Frank Barnes

Great versatility in managing our rooms, pricing, promotions, and customer contact! Our phone-in bookings are easily input, giving us single-source tracking of bookings. We choose to manually confirm reservations and don’t charge guests until they arrive, allowing for cash transactions. UNIweb worked to accommodate the way we do business. They’re great!

Ashish Patel

Really happy with Raj and his team at UNIweb. It’s been 10+ years since we started working with our hotel websites. They are knowledgeable and prompt. That is why we are still with UNIweb. We are working on the Search Engine Optimization of our hotel. Thank you, guys!

Gita Modi

Great service and well managed.

Tandoor Spice

Great Website. Great Service.

Jay Patel

Working with Raj from UNIweb is very easy. He is very polite and efficient.

Chedly Ouenniche

Very friendly and professional in what they do. They designed a professional and customized website for our Glass & Door Repair website. I am happy with their way of working.

Nashoba Valley

We recently worked with UNIweb for our hotel website. Very happy with their work. Very fast and professional. Sent through changes, and they were done before I could think up more changes. One page at a time. If you want a job well done and fast, don’t go to anyone else. After they were completed, they were very happy to make more changes.

Tushar Lapani

Had a great experience with the UNIweb team for website development, SEO and marketing. The team is very knowledgeable and responds quickly.

Ismail Dudha

Thank you for spending your time working with Stony Brook Motel & Lodge. We are very happy with the service you have given us, and we recommend you to other people if they need help with websites. The past decade has been great, and looking forward to the excellent work.

Paulette Long

Excellent work over many years of patronizing their services. Reasonable prices, great customer service, and understanding of deadline time frames and other technical issues concerning website preparation and maintenance. Wonderful vendors!

Sleep Inn

Lake Bluff, IL

Gagandeep Singh

Great services and very knowledgeable web designer.

Ketan Patel

The team at Uniweb is knowledgeable, organized and creative. They make changes quick and easy, give us all options to decide what our best move is and guide us through a step-by-step process. We are very happy to be working with them. If you are looking for web help, I highly recommend this team.

Manny S.

Working with UNIweb for the last 10 years has been a very satisfying experience. Thank you for all your help.

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